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5 The Best Tips for Prevention and Treatment of Acne

Prevention and Treatment of Acne 5 The Best Tips for Prevention and Treatment of Acne

Acne problem is one of the daily problems, many people are not confident because many pimples in the face, there is also need to be alone due to shame, therefore, taken a variety of ways so that the acne is gone and not coming back. Acne is a skin disease caused by inflammation of the oil glands of the skin tract, characterized by the presence of blackheads, pus-filled especially on the part of the body that contain many oil glands such as the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, upper arms and other parts of body, and if not cured in the right way causes scarring.

Know your acne
Acne due to inflammation of the oil glands causing channel blockage of the flow of oil, the blockage is what causes the presence of blackheads, whereas it causes them (multi-factorial): Genetic, Race, Menstruation or Oral contraceptives, Hormonal, Climate, Food, Mental or stress, Activeness gland, Infection, Trauma (Pressure, Friction, or Scratching) and Cosmetics (Foundation cream dan Moisturizer). Now, we will discuss about how to prevent the occurrence of acne and facial acne and how to care it, as reported by Santosa Health News.

Acne Prevention
We know that, the cause of acne is due to many factors (multi-factorial), needs to be put in to prevent any 5 of the following:

  1. Skin care routine and regular basis because of the regular maintenance routine and we seek conditions particularly facial skin clean and healthy.
  2. Plan a regular and healthy life or living a healthy life.
  3. A diet low in fat and carbohydrates. We know that the blockage in one of the oil lines due to excessive fatty skin.
  4. Try to wear cosmetics and that safe enough for skin.
  5. Avoiding the causes or factors originators.

Face Acne Treatment
Treatment of acne
Pimpled face is certainly very disturbing appearance, so that sometimes leads to a sense of inferiority and lack of self-confidence, well here’s how facial acne treatment:

  1. Acne wash with special soap that your doctor recommended to lubricate the skin, because the oil content and moisture sufficient for an excellent skin in maintaining healthy skin.
  2. Should be added toner for toning.
  3. Taking anti-acne medication when necessary and should be consulted with a doctor, this drug is mainly to overcome the infection or inflammation that occurs.
  4. Use sunscreens that contain little or no oil.
  5. Use makeup as needed.

That’s all healthy living information about 5 prevention and treatment of acne, we hope that we can keep the body the gift of God Almighty in the form of the face as well as possible, be it the young, adult and old alike, and because of the assessment of a person’s hygiene is the face and keep in mind that acne treatments can not be done quickly, it takes time and patience, so that the treatment continue to do the things suggested and consult with your treating physician, do not be bored, natural health you will face when you get through the process right.

Updated: December 8, 2017 — 10:44 pm
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