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Easy Ways to Overcome Stress and Depression

Overcome Stress and Depression Easy Ways to Overcome Stress and DepressionHave you experienced stress? Even to depression? then how do you solve the problems that make you stressed and depressed? We know that the problematic life of each person is different, there is not the same persih, perhaps like no one else. Therefore, most people know the real problems and solutions themselves, but sometimes the solution is taken is not the best choice. At this time, we will be discussed on stress, depression, and the solution, such as the writing of dr. Rachmat Purwata, Sp.KJ Bandung Santosa Hospital with necessary modifications.

Stress and Depression
Stress is a physiological change that occurs in nature as a result of exposure to or stimulated by a trauma, either physical or psychological trauma. Therefore, it is certainly true stress experienced by each person, and is the body’s natural reaction to the stress of the return to normal conditions (General Adaptation Syndrome). It is based on the true nature of the body’s normal balance and always make it in balance (Homeostatic system), therefore, anything that happens in the body in the form of stress or pressure that would be afforded by the body to return to the normal, even a normal human being must experience stress. Even the relationship of stress in humans:

  • Human beings are capable of experiencing a certain amount of stress in
  • One of the human nature is that he will thrive when given a challenge
  • Happy condition more often comes on when preceded by stress
  • Completing the stress will have a good development when completed with diligence and character to cope with stress in the future.

However, if the stress occurs in a relatively long period of time even longer, with a heavy quantity even failed to overcoming in it then someone will fall in a state of depression, some of the signs of someone who is experiencing depression are:

  1. Often feel sad
  2. Moody prolonged
  3. Not excited for life
  4. Morale declined even disappear
  5. Less can be grateful
  6. Disruption of sleep patterns even harder to sleep
  7. Eating disorders, characterized by weight loss
  8. concentration decreases
  9. Feeling useless
  10. In severe conditions, can be thought of death is better than life and commit suicide.

Overcoming Stress and Depression Solutions
Once we know the dangers of stress conditions, up to depression, it is necessary to find an alternative solution to cope. Stress can not be avoided, but do not let the stress make a person depressed, the following four alternative solutions:

  1. Live in balance, both in time and work, both for Worship, Work and Recreation or Vacation.
  2. Rest and adequate quality. Good night’s rest and the quality is recommended to sleep 4-8 hours without interruption with a good sleeping position.
  3. Positive thinking (Positive Thinking) to a variety of circumstances faced, both good and bad circumstances.
  4. Talk to Expert (example: Doctor, Psychiatrist, Clergy, Counselors Peer) when experiencing stress that you feel quite heavy even prolonged, though at the end of your God and the one who determines, but at least you get a better solution.

Thus the notion of stress, depression and alternative solutions that can be given on this occasion. I hope we can cope stress that goes with the best solution, so as not to be a prolonged depression. Once again, it is not healthy does not have to be expensive. God is always with those who believe and do what he commanded.

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