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How to Take Care Face Skin Based on Beauty Experts

Take Care Face Skin How to Take Care Face Skin Based on Beauty Experts

Are you confused to determine natural treatment to take care your beloved face? Some experts of beauty have recommended it based on natural treatment. Firstly, how the way to refresh your view or outlook? Yes, when the eyes are too tired, some experts of beauty usually keep their eyes by using the cucumber. You can use two slices of cucumber and compresses it to both eyes for 10 minutes and after the process has done, you can wash your eyes with cold water. Consequently, the treatment can make your eyes become more relaxed.

Secondly, how the way to keep the humidity of your face skin? The softness of the skin is one of the most important things for your face. The beauty experts usually use scrubs and masks 2 times a week to keep it naturally. To solve the problem of chapped lips, they usually use a scrub of strawberry fruit that contain antioxidants; you can mix it with lime juice. A mixture of the both can be rubbed on the surface of the lips skin and then wait it for 20 minutes and rinse the mouth with warm water. In addition, for facials, you can use the mask from yam pieces; it can be mixed with rose water immersion. The treatment can make your face becomes so cool and it can protect the negative effects of sunlight.

Finally, how to solve the sticky and tired face? To overcome this problem, some experts of beauty usually use a cup of water that contains high antioxidant teas. You can brew a cup of tea to stand overnight and use it to wash your face in the morning, do it before you take a bath. Consequently, your facial skin will be tight and clean. In addition, to make fresh your face, you can use papaya fruit because it also can make your skin becomes so cool.

Updated: November 18, 2017 — 10:44 am
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