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Tips to Keep Best Friend Forever

Tips to Keep Best Friend Forever Tips to Keep Best Friend ForeverHaving best friend is really interesting. Friend makes the life more colorful, friend always there whenever you need, friend is the one who always listen to you, and friend is more and more. Well, talking about best friend is endless. Everyone in the world must need a best friend, without friend you couldn’t live well. Friend is really important in the world, so that looking for best friend is a must because best friend is the one who always motivate your life positively. However, not all people could keep the friendship well.

In fact, people only could keep the friendship for about 3-4 years. There are some reasons that ruin the friendship such as; boredom, miss communication, unopened-minded, and others. Well, if you want to have long last relationship with your best friend, you should try to eliminate negative thinking about her. Ok, for the further, I would share you some great tips to keep best friend forever. First, avoid the boredom by giving her some special gift once a month or week, whatever but it should be done routinely. Giving some presents to your friend is not only for her birthday, but it must also give in other days, because every day is actually special for you.

In addition, if you get long distance to your best friend you must know about her accounts such as; Facebook, twitter, BBM, and other accounts that needed to keep the communication run well. Those are really important in order to save your best friendship long last forever. Best friendship would never end although the distance is far away. Keeping communication each other is the best way to support the best friendship in the long time. Well, if get a long distance with your best friend you should try to communicate at least once a day or just say hello and asking about her circumstance. It’s better than you never call her.

Furthermore, be the first one that always comes to her when she feels so sad and having much problem. Well, do you remember this proverb “a friend in need is a friend in deed”? Yes this right! A real friend always comes whatever you feel, whether it sad or good feeling, she always there for you. If you have tried to use this tips I assure that your friendship would be long last and forever friendship. Be your friendship to the real world. icon smile Tips to Keep Best Friend Forever

Updated: November 10, 2017 — 10:51 pm
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