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Tips To Make a Good Friendship with the Teenager Daughter

Tips To Make a Good Friendship with the Teenager Daughter Tips To Make a Good Friendship with the Teenager DaughterBased on daughter opinion, who is the person who is closest to them right now? If you think that the closest person to them is a friend, then it is the same answer to many teenager daughters. Yes, a friend is someone who can understand much further than others including us may be. Therefore, friend is like more than a family even more than that. That’s because friends can always entertain them when there is a problem, or even when they’re happy, a friend is the right person to share that happiness. Furthermore, friend can understand well their problem.

So how do we make a good friendship with our daughters? Here are some tips that will help you to be able to make a good friendship with your daughters respectively. First, they will be more comfortable with a person who has the same gender as you. Yes, of course they would be more comfortable to talk about any issue or story to friends who have the same gender. This is because they will have a lot of the same nature in which it will help to be open. Therefore if you have teenager son it is better that the father be his friend and for daughter, a mother is better.

Second, to create a good and ideal friendship with your daughters, you and they must have a commitment or promise to create a strong bond. Indeed, a commitment to share each other and help maintain a bond that will bind your relationship. And so a commitment or promise that is getting stronger, you and they can wear something that is a symbol of a promise or commitment to be a true friend. You can wear a ring or bracelet as a symbol of your friendship. You may look like a daughter’s one but sure this is very effective.

Third, to make a good friendship and ideal, you and they must have a rule. Yes, this rule as a sign that the friendship which both of you are made and not messing around. This rule will also make easier for you and them to remind or help each other. Make sure that the rules are made based on you and they like and do not become a burden. For example, you create a rule to always tell the truth, share something and others.

Fourth, get around together to make a strong bond. You and they can go to the both of your favorite place and play together just you and your daughter, no more family members. It is a few tips that will help you when you will make an ideal and a good friendship with your daughters. However, sometimes a strong friendship can also be established naturally, without a commitment or a promise and rules. But sure, the above tips are the best thing to do to make an ideal friendship between parents and teenagers.

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:46 pm
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